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Xinli Wang's Research

Dr. Wang's scholarly interests cover a broad range of subjects in the philosophy of science (methodology), the philosophy of language, 20th century analytic philosophy, epistemology, philosophical logic, and Chinese philosophy. In the past a few years, Dr. Wang's writings and publications focus primarily on the issues of incommensurability, scientific rationality, semantic presuppositions, conceptual schemes, cross-language understanding and communication, facts and possible facts, David Hume on induction, and Thomas Kuhn's philosophy of science.

If you are interested in knowing more about Dr. Wang's research activities or reading some of Dr. Wang's publications online, please check his personal website:

or check works by Xinli Wang archived in full texts on PhilPapers: online research in philosophy

or view Dr. Wang's published works on Google Scholar (search for "Xinli Wang, Juniata College")

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