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A Word About Recommendations

May we take this occasion to remind you of several things connected with your law school recommendations.

  1. In seeking professors to write recommendations for you, ask those persons who know you best regardless of their position in the department. That is, an instructor who knows your work well is better than a full professor with a national reputation who may know you only casually. It is especially valuable to seek professors in whose courses you have written a major paper. You might remind them of your paper topic.
  2. If you want a professor to write recommendations for you please give the professor all the forms you wish him or her to do at the same time. It is obviously much easier to do several at the same time than to do them all separately. Also, you may wish to give the professor a copy of your resume, or other information about you that will help her/him write you a supportive letter.
  3. For each recommendation, please give the professor a stamped and addressed envelope so that the professor may mail it directly to the school.
  4. Bear in mind that law schools are, first and foremost, educational institutions. A letter from a prominent judge or attorney who attended a given law school and is a personal or family friend, but who does not know your work, is not necessarily a point in your favor. This goes a fortiori (as lawyers say) for obscure judges or attorneys.
  5. As a matter of courtesy and because they will be interested, when you hear from a law school about your acceptance, you might inform the people who wrote recommendations for you of this acceptance.
PLEASE NOTE: ALL recommendations should be sent in from the recommender DIRECTLY to the law schools.