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Senior Checklist

If you are applying for admission to law school for Fall you will find the process much easier if you organize your efforts, keep accurate records, and monitor your files. Below is a timetable of the application process and a "checklist." For more detailed information, click here.

For some specific ideas about letters of recommendation, click here.


  1. Get the latest law school information from a member of the committee. If you have questions, now is the time to ask.
  2. Sign up for October or December LSAT if you have not taken it already. The forms are available from Career Services office.
  3. Sign up for LSDAS as per the instructions in the LSAT/LSDAS application bulletin. Be sure to write on your check exactly what the check is for and keep the canceled check when you get it back.
  4. Make an appointment to talk with a member of the Pre-Law Advising Committee. Before the application please prepare a tentative list of law schools you are considering.
  5. Using postcards, write to every school you have any interest in, asking for a bulletin and application materials including financial aid applications if necessary.
  6. Make appointments at law schools as necessary.
  7. After receiving your application forms, write your basic essay or essays. If you wish ask a member of the Committee to read this essay and make suggestions.


  1. Give out recommendation forms to professors. Please give the professors all the recommendations you want them to do at one time or tell them there will be more coming so they will be aware of the need to save a copy of what they write.
  2. Get applications in.
  3. After you get your LSAT scores (if taken in the Fall) check with a member of the Pre-Law Committee for additional suggestions, if necessary.
  4. If you are applying for financial aid, get the GAPSFAS form from Career Planning and Placement, fill it out, and mail it in. Keep a xerox copy of this form as filled out.


  1. Finish up applications.


  1. With a letter, or by phone, monitor your files at every law school to which you have applied to make sure all items, LSDAS reports, recommendations, etc. are in and your file is complete. It any item is not in, contact the appropriate agency/person.


  1. Wait
  2. When you have been accepted to a school that you wish to attend, notify other schools that have accepted you that you will not be attending (note: this process often drags on into May, these days)
  3. If there are problems or questions, see a member of the committee.


  1. Pay deposit to school you will be attending.
  2. Order a final transcript from the Registrar’s Office (showing graduation date) to be send to the law school you will attend
  3. Fill out survey form from Pre-Law Advising Committee.

After Graduation

  1. Keep in touch. Your impressions of law school and your preparation for it can help us advise others.