Religious Studies

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Recent Research

Laurel Watkins '16

Nathaniel Eldredge ’09, “An Argument Opposing the Moral Permissibility of Active Euthanasia”

Craig Gaunt ’07, “Land Disputes in Israel: Biblical Warrants Employed in Israeli and Palestinian Conflict”

Alisha Gray ’11, “The Journey From Polytheism to Monotheism in Biblical Religion”

Lauren Seganos ’11, “Is it News or Comedy? Analyzing Jon Stewart’s Coverage of the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Through Cluster-Agon Analysis”

Andrew Sinnes ’09, “Good and Evil Spirituality: Dostoevsky and the Plight of the World Today”

Sarah Svigals ’07, “Changes in Clergy Self-Understandings in Iraqi Wars”

Jessica Toot ’13, “Levirate Marriage in the Bible: Support for Women in an Androcentric Society”

Senior Theses

Faculty Research and Publications