Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, my viewing this website you got an idea of the experiences and advantages that come along with an internship.  This internship took up much of my time, but it was time well invested.  During my internship, I was able to learn many important facts about the legal system of Huntingdon County and the environment surrounding it.  I got first hand experience in an area I'm fascinated with. 

    More importantly, by choosing a defense attorney to intern with my thoughts and opinions of the criminal field were altered and openly challenged.  You heard of the concept of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, right?  But how often have you followed this concept.  I know before my experience with a defense attorney I always assumed that presuming one's innocence would just result in one's guilt.  However, this assumption was discarded after witnessing several innocent people  punished for crimes that they did not commit or at least not committed with intentions or malice, like Christina Ashton.  To this day, I believe that the conviction of third degree murder is irrational.  The evidence presented was enough proof for me to conclude this assumption.  I'm not justifying murder, but I am suggesting that accidents happen and not all murder is planned or intentional. 

    In final thought, I would suggest to anyone considering a internship, that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.  An internship can be a valuable guide to one's future.  Here at Juniata College most students have the opportunity to experience an internship, so don't discard that opportunity because you might just be throwing your future away.  First hand experience is usually the most influential and beneficial.  I hope you enjoyed this website.  Click here to return to main page