A brief Tour of the Courthouse


    While spending most of my time at the courthouse, I was introduced to many rooms.  Each room has a special purpose, as well as each office.  The Judge's Chambers I would classify as the most important room. This is where all the backstage discussions take place, even sometimes the heated debates.  Fortunately, I had the opportunity to witness most of those discussions and debates. On several occasions I would meet the judge back in his chambers after a case to  discuss our thoughts and opinions.  In all, this is the place where I learned how to make bargains, voice my opinion, and hear the "real" deals. Also, it can be a place for comical relief.  Sometimes you just need a place to retreat to after those rough trials and cases. 

    The tour that I will take you on consists of a small area of the courthouse, known as level three.  There are three floors and a basement in the Huntingdon County Courthouse. Most of my time was spent on the third floor, the floor where the action took place. The following tour will include: the judge's stand, the courtroom, interaction in the judge's chambers, and the holding cell.  I hope the following pictures and information will give you an inkling of what the third floor of the courthouse looks like. Before I start this tour, I'll let you view the man who exists behind all the scenes, Judge Stewart Kurtz.  Enjoy the tour and click here to return to main page.