The Juvenile officers supervise a total of approximately 75 youth. There are 4 juvenile probation officers.
The maximum risk youth, those who have committed serious crimes, are on supervision for an indeterminate amount of time, and have had subsequent offenses, meet with their probation officer three times per week. There is one officer that supervises these youth.

Medium supervision is a meeting once per week to once every two weeks. Two officers take these youth. These youth are normally consent decree cases.

There is also an institutional probation officer. All youth that are placed at a facility and the aftercare probation that they are on is taken by this officer. Institutional visits need to be made monthly and weekly while on aftercare

Juvenile PO’s meet with their clients in a different way. The most common is school visits. The PO’s go into the schools and speak with the youth for about fifteen minutes. They talk about everything. This is one of the only times family issues are brought up. Home visits are conducted with the client and a parent. These visits focus on home life and verifies all that needs to be done is being done. Office visits are rarely conducted. In most cases the juvenile is not allowed to drive which is usually a hassle for the parents.