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Here are a some of the most memorable times I had this semester:

  • Observed the execution of a search warrant on a suspected drug dealer's vehicle.
  • Investigated the finding of a dead body.
  • A snowstorm leaving 4 tractor trailers stranded in the borough within 2 hours.
  • Investigation of the Salvation Army fire.
  • Observed PSP processing a vehicle for fingerprints.
  • Assisted in seizing a computer that had been stolen and possibly misused.
  • Assisted in a domestic abuse call, also assisted by the Sheriff's Department
  • A bat in the belfry.  Well, I guess it was actually  in the kitchen.
  • Speed enforcement using VASCAR
  • One very dedicated drug dealer who hid two rocks of crack cocaine in his... well, in his crack.
  • 6 hours at the ER with a 302 commitment
  • Investigation of multiple vandalisms
  • Another death investigation
  • Multiple traffic accidents


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