Sociology, Anthropology,
and Social Work

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Nick Sepulveda

"I have sort of fallen in love with the concept of Juniata. When I came here, I really didn't understand what it means to be a scientist, but now I want to work hard, I want to study for the rest of my life, I want to go on to graduate school, I want to be a scientist."

Nick Sepulveda '10
Biology and Anthropology

Assessment of Social Work Student Outcomes, BSW PSEI 2014

Assessment of Social Work Student Outcomes, BSW SRS 2014

Jessica Antonik '05 is from the US but decided she wanted to work in Europe for a while; is employed as a social worker for the Borough of Hounslow, England

Lauren Auster-Gussman '11 will soon be attending graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University for her master's degree in social work (M.S.W.). Lauren was admitted with advanced standing.

Alison Banks '10 is currently enrolled, with advanced standing, in a master's of social work degree program at the University of Maine, following a career as a social worker at the Fairfax Nursing Center in Fairfax, Va., where she provided case management services to an elder population.

Emily Blejwas '05 is a resource coordinator with the Association of Retarded Citizens working with families of developmentally disabled children in Middlesex County, NJ

Melissa Boas '10 is pursuing her master's degree in biological anthropology at Florida Atlantic University. Her POE of biology and anthropology has well prepared her for this interdisciplinary graduate study.

Courtney DeGemmis '11 has been accepted to a variety of M.S.W. programs and has decided to pursue graduate study at Boston College.

Rachel Droessler '10 is employed full time by the California Department of Parks and Recreation in her home town of San Diego, Calif., but she also does work with AECOM and Laguna Mountain Environmental, Inc. After graduating from Juniata, she attended archaeological field school in Belize for one month and obtained her GIS certification. Rachel is also pursuing a master's degree in historical archeology at San Diego State University.

Ashley Fisher '11 will be employed by Mainstream Counseling in Huntingdon, Pa. following her May 2011 graduation from Juniata.

Alcione Frederick '05 is currently working on her Master's degree at Washington State University studying in a joint development anthropology/Peace Corps program. She will be leaving for a two-year assignment in Senegal in March 2007

Brittany Gregory '11 is enrolled at Morgan State University, where she is pursuing her master's degree in sociology.

Megan Lowery '11 is currently enrolled at Temple University for Medicine.  While at Juniata she studied Biology with an emphasis in anthropology and Spanish, studying abroad in Xalapa, Mexico. She plans to continue to use her anthropological studies in her medical practice both in the United States and abroad to best serve people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Kelsey Morgan '13 is currently studying anthropology at the graduate level at the University of Kentucky.

Leah Renee Myers '09 is employed as a behavioral support specialist at Skills of Central Pa., Inc. She earned her M.S.W. from Temple University in 2011, and intends to achieve her L.S.W. and earn a promotion to therapist.

Kirstin Olson '11 is currently pursuing graduate study at the University of Fairbanks, where she is undertaking an in-depth exploration of indigenous peoples who live above the Arctic Circle.

Bryce Rigg '12 is employed as a youth counselor at Central Counties Youth Center in Bellefonte, Pa.

Shelleisha Salmon '11 is enrolled at Morgan State University, where she is pursuing a master's degree in public health. She was recently awarded a full scholarship for her second year of graduate school and she is currently the only graduate student in her program to receive funding.

Nicholas Sepulveda '10 is currently conducting research at the University of Iceland in Rekjavik, Iceland thanks to a Fulbright Fellowship. Inspired by his anthropology work at Juniata, he will be taking Old Norse language and history courses that supplement his Juniata graduate thesis on the history of whaling in medieval Iceland. Studying abroad at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland thanks to a St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia scholarship will certainly help Nick adapt and learn in Rekjavik.

Kelsey Shutt '12 earned her master’s degree in social work (M.S.W.) at Temple University—along with a certificate in play therapy—within one year with advanced standing and a tuition scholarship.

Denalyn Spratt '10 is employed at Chester Community Hospital in Chester, Pa., where she is a case manager in a substance abuse treatment program. She is also pursuing her master's of social work degree part-time while continuing her career.

Sarah Svigals '07 is currently enrolled in a master's of social work program at George Mason University focusing on military behavioral health. During her graduate study, she also works as the program coordinator of Cause, an organization that provides comfort recreation and relaxation programming for recovering soldiers.

Joseph Viscomi '04 - After being taken with the Arabic language during his year abroad in Jordan, Joe is currently completing his Master's degree in Anthropology at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Stephanie Waslyk '05 is a social worker and resource coordinator working with developmentally disabled adults in Carlsbad, CA

Rebecca Wilson '01 - is finishing her Ph.D. in Biological (Forensic) Anthropology at the University of Tennessee, and is currently the Director of the Forensics Anthropology Center at "The Body Farm."

Ka Ho "Sherman" Wong '11 is employed as a mental health technician at the Boys and Girls Home of Alaska, works as a language interpreter at Fairbanks School District, and also serves as the city coordinator of the Fairbanks Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement, which is a grassroots social and environmental movement.