Faculty Bio

Douglas Glazier

Professor of Biology

Office Location: Brumbaugh Academic Center B313
Phone Number: (814)641- 3584

Personal Website: http://faculty.juniata.edu/glazier/

Dr. Glazier came to Juniata in 1980 from the Ecological Society of America where he was technical editor. He has taught a variety of courses in biology, ecology, evolution, biogeography, environmental science, and general education. His research interests include the functional biology and life-history evolution of mammals and crustaceans, animal ecology of soils and freshwater springs, the ecology of land invasions, biological correlates of species geographic ranges, patterns of taxonomic diversity, and the scaling of metabolism with body size. Dr. Glazier has published over 30 articles, and is also writing a book 'Small Mammals: Energetics, Ecology and Evolution'.

Dr. Glazier was awarded the Beachley Distinguished Academic Service Award in 2000, and Templeton Awards in 2002 and 2003 for the course 'God, Evolution and Culture', co-taught with Randy Bennett, Donald Braxton and Xinli Wang. He has been a visiting researcher at the Wells Reserve (Maine), Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (South Carolina), University of Sheffield (England), University of Lecce (Italy), Pomona College (California), and University of Tasmania (Australia).

Over 50 students have worked with Dr. Glazier on various research projects and internships. Twelve of these students have been co-authors on various publications, and several have won awards for presentations of their work at regional meetings of Beta Beta Beta, a national biological honor society. Dr. Glazier is a member of 10 professional societies, and has been a manuscript reviewer for 26 different biological research journals, and a grant proposal reviewer for the National Science Foundation.

He has served on many Juniata College committees, and is presently a member of the Academic Judicial Board. He is also a member of the Pennsylvania Biological Survey (Invertebrate Technical Committee).

Dr. Glazier's teaching and research have been supported by grants, awards and fellowships from many organizations, including Sigma Xi, National Science Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, R.K. Mellon Foundation, von Liebig Foundation, and the Templeton Foundation.

He is a member of the Huntingdon County Chapter of Pennsylvania CleanWays and is on the Walker Township Zoning Board. He is married to Juniata biology professor Debra Kirchhof-Glazier and they have two children, Brynda and Darron, and a cat ET. He enjoys hiking, reading, natural history, ice skating, travelling, and many kinds of sports.