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Postby nolansj10 » Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:52 am

My backpack was stolen yesterday and the contents of it have yet to be found. Of the pills, the charger, the itunes remote,the only things I really want to get back are the voice recorder and my MacBook Pro. The voice recorder just has sentimental stuff on there so I can live without it, but I cannot finish the semester without the programs and files on my laptop. Sizable cash reward for anyone who can bring me my laptop or provide the tip off that can lead me straight to it. MUCH bigger CASH reward for anyone who can bring it to me with all of the files and contents intact. Both rewards are well over $100.00. Please help, ask around, do something. If returned I will not press any charges and I WILL NOT ask questions. I will be too utterly thankful. Please someone help me.
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