Kittens need a loving home

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Kittens need a loving home

Postby valaske » Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:27 pm

Not that there aren't already too many kittens out there for the taking, I also have a few who need good homes.

I took in the mother, a stray, over the summer with the intention of protecting her from the sweltering heat until it cooled down. She promptly had 4 adorable kittens on my living room floor. No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose.

I have already found a home for 2 of them, but there are still two more waiting for their, *ahem*, "furever" home. They have already been to their first vet exam (passed with flying colors) and received their first vaccinations and were de-wormed. Any adoptive humans must continue their vaccinations and have them spayed/neutered when they are old enough. I don't want any more poor little pregnant kitties running around out there. All of them are litter trained and are mostly eating dry kitten food now.

There is one female kitten and one male kitten. We call the girl Bowie (short for David Bowie) and the boy is Van (for Van Morrison). Obviously we named them before we knew their gender, but it works. Bowie is very shy and a bit of a scared-y cat, but so sweet and fun to be around. She just needs a bit of time to warm up to new people. She is all white except for a black spot on the top of her head and a calico tail - so unique! She will need a nice, quiet house. Van is a firecracker. He's very rugged and loves speeding back and forth, exploring everywhere, climbing up pant legs, book shelves, etc. He would do well as an outdoor cat in the country. He would be an excellent mouser. Van is splotched black and white and makes the cutest trilling noises when he's happy. Mama cat, or Freddie as we call her, could also be adopted. She is no more than a year old, black and white spotted just like Van, and a very friendly girl. Not too clingy so perfect for someone who wants a companion but doesn't have a lot of spare time. Or someone who wants a cat with kitten playfulness but without all the kitten craziness. Freddie was also checked by the vet and tested negative for feline HIV and feline leukemia and received vaccinations (including rabies) and was de-wormed as well.

If anyone is interested, please respond or send me an email at Please help me give these guys a loving home and give my allergies a much needed break!
Van on the right, Bowie on the left
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Van to the upper left, Bowie on the lower right
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