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Postby zehreac11 » Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:31 pm

Let's get this show on the road.

OUR FIRST MEETING: Thursday at 6:30 in the common entrance of Ellis Hall.
President and Treasurer: Audrey Zehren (, I'll answer any and all questions you have : D )
Vice-President: Anwar Moledina (super awesome and will also answer your questions)

What are we doing and why?
Film club will answer any of your piteous life-discovering questions and also watch fun films along the way. We plan to show movies that have already gone by or never came to the large screen in the U.S.A. Did you get the opportunity to watch Attack of the 50 Foot Woman when it came out in theaters in the 1950's? Of course not. We hope to offer you that luxury.

You'll help us decide that with input at the meeting or through email. We hesitantly thought 7:30 on Fridays would work because you're not partying till later and you're just done with dinner.

We will be watching the movies in either an auditorium or Good hall room 402. This depends upon how much interest we get and whether or not space is available. I will keep you posted, and look for posters.

Please help us make this happen! The more people interested the less likely we are to fizzle out!
p.s. Anwar says hi.
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