Take Pictures of Your Cat and Then Send Them In!

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Take Pictures of Your Cat and Then Send Them In!

Postby fischnj10 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:25 pm

During fall break, take pictures of your cat(s)!

We are designing a board game for New Venture Creations that is cat themed. We are looking for people to send in pictures of their cat(s) to use for the game art. Email the photos to meowboardgame@gmail.com.
Please understand that by sending in your pictures you are giving us permission to use your pictures for our product. We promise that we are not using your pictures for anything but this project. Also, you still have the rights of your photo, we just would like to feature your cats for the project.

Big thanks to all who have.

Thank you!

The Meow Board Game crew

Please send in your pictures to meowboardgame@gmail.com
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