Stolen Ipod Touch

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Stolen Ipod Touch

Postby faustea11 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:55 pm

No doubt some of you have seen my posters all over campus. Well, if you would like to know the story then here it is. Friday night I was doing homework in Sherwood Lounge. I lost track of time and then I noticed that it was 3:30 AM in the morning. I had to use the bathroom and left my things on the farthest table from the door in the lounge. I was in the bathroom for 2 minutes at the most. While I was in there I heard the outside door of the lounge open and close. Upon my return my Ipod was gone and my headphones were not where I placed them. I thought I simply misplaced it and looked every where in the lounge, my person, the bathroom, the hallway and my bookbag thinking I was crazy. At the end of my investagtion I came to the conclusion that it was stolen and linked the sound of the door opening and closing while I was in the bathroom with the missing of my Ipod. I am saddened that some one at Juniata could do such a thing since it a smaller school and I thought that there were not that kind of people here. Apparently I was wrong. If the person who took it is reading this I understand that you might have been intoxicated and not in your best judgement. If you could simply return it to me by slipping it under my door (Sherwood 223), mailing it to me (Elizabeth Faust 42A) or handing it to me in person I would be most grateful. However, if you do not do this I will add more and more posters every day. I will be going from door to door. That Ipod which you took is not just an Ipod, it has extreme sentimental value to me and all I want is to have it back. I am giving you a week to return it to me and you will suffer no consquences. However, if you return it after break, or not at all, I will make sure that you will be in trouble with the administration of this school. I understand that the opportunity was great for the theft and I'm not angry with the fact that you took it. What I am angry at is the fact that you are not returning it. I hope that you can see this and that you can return my item to me. Please I am begging you to return it with the least amount of damage to it. Please, please, please find a place in your heart to return it because it means so very much to me.
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