Thank You Letters

Victoria Hoover

Program of Emphasis: Bio Pre-Med

Hometown: Huntingdon, PA

High School: Huntingdon Area High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose Juniata as it is highly known for its placement of students into medical schools and the closeness of home. I also liked the tight-knit family, as it is a private school, and the individuality of the college.

Clubs and Organizations: Christian Ministry Board, AWOL

Most Interesting Class: Women & Literature taught by Judy Katz is the most interesting class I have taken this semester and I highly suggest it! I took it as it was advised to take another three credit course. I had been suggested a few classes and this had been the one I had finally decided to take. She teaches on interesting concepts and points of views. The stories and books you read are mind capturing and help to understand answers to some why questions you may have about women and men and the generation now.

Favorite Faculty Member: My CWS Lab leader, Joel Slaff, has greatly impacted my life even from day one! He is a phenominal teacher and helper. He is very willing to listen and help in any way he can. He has helped me to see the friendliness of Juniaitans and has taught the class secrets or things to know that not even the Juniata sites can provide. On the first day meeting, Joel made different icebreakers that hadn't been used yet and forced us to play. As a quieter student when first meeting people, I did not like this very much as he forced us to be friendly and go outside of our comfort zones. I was still shy and did not know what to think of him, but after our third or forth Lab meeting and continual icebreakers and fun educational games, I came to really enjoy the class and make closer friends. I really saw this when I was out on medical leave for a few weeks and came back to a huge hand-made card from the class. I came to realize the real closeness and genuine care from such Juniatians.

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