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Rachel Turner

Program of Emphasis: Biology/Pre-Med

Hometown: Barrington, NJ

High School: Haddon Heights High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose Juniata because it was a small, science-based school that had really high success rates for both graduation in four years but also a high percentage for getting into medical school. This is important to me because I want to go to medical school after college to become a doctor. This school has so many opportunities and resources for students to do what they want, get a chance to see the field they want to become part of, and have advisors that are here to help see their students succeed.

Most Interesting Class: I am taking CWS just like almost every other freshman on campus is. This has been the most interesting class for me because in high school writing was one of my weak points and now that I have gotten to Juniata it has become not only something I have become stronger in but also something that I have come to love. It has given me something to do that doesn't involve science like my major but also something that I now enjoy.

Favorite Faculty Member: Professor W. David Wilkins has made a difference in my life and it hasn't even been a full semester yet. He is someone that understands each of his students and takes the time to make sure he does. He has helped me to see that writing can be something I am good at and like doing. He is also someone that I always find so easy to talk to no matter what. He is there to see his students succeed and help in any way he can. I asked him a few weeks ago if he could be an advisor because I need a second one and he told me no. Something that was bigger than him saying and that meant even more was that he said "even though I can't be an advisor my door is always open if any student needs me." That is not something most people hear in college. With a school this small it has helped me to see how personable the professors are and he has been there to help me whether it is with CWS or just talking about how my other classes are.

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