Thank You Letters

Kasi Payne

Program of Emphasis: Biology Pre-Vet

Hometown: Breezewood, PA

High School: Everett Area High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I picked Juniata because it is a friendly environment and a great school for job placement. I knew I would need a good name to get me into graduate school, and I knew Juniata would be that name to get me in.

Clubs and Organizations: Rugby- I was the kicker and played in the wing, which is where the fast people are who can score.

Most Interesting Class: The most interesting class I have taken this year would be organic chemistry because it is a challenge. It has prepared me for the rest of college and showing me I can succeed.

Favorite Faculty Member: Sarah Clarkson because she helps me stay on track and shows me ways to improve. She makes sure I am doing good in my classes and give me solutions if I am not.

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