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Azure Grimes

Program of Emphasis: English/Secondary Ed

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

High School: Baltimore Polytechnic Institut

Why I chose to attend Juniata: Juniata had everything I was looking for. I really wanted to go out of state because I love to explore all different areas of the world, and Juniata was one of the first colleges to send me emails. After research and talking with a friend who currently goes here, I realized that this is the school I had to go to. I love the traditions and the closeness of this community. I also wanted a curriculum that could challenge me and supply me with difficult work so I could be better prepared for the future.

Most Interesting Class: My absolute favorite class is called Constructing Identities. It's about viewing how the culture, technology and society shape and mold different identities. We read short stories from Melville and learned about philosophers like Althusser. This class is so interesting because it opens my eyes to all the different factors that shape who I am. I never realized how influential the world was, and this class has made me question who I am as a person.

Favorite Faculty Member: One professor that has impacted me the most is Professor Will Dickey. He's the professor for my Constructing Identities class and he has helped me look at new perspectives. I'm one of the two freshmen that take this course and he tells me how much potential I have and how bright I am and that just raises my self esteem. He is very intelligent, easy to relate to, and he just makes the whole class question their ideals (in the best way possible). He always sparks deep discussion on different topics like the male gaze or Big Brother type surveillance and I appreciate him for that.

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