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Samantha Hendricks

Program of Emphasis: Finance

Hometown: McVeytown, PA

High School: Mifflin County High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose Juniata because of the individualized POE system that they have. I will be able to plan my own major in areas that I find interesting, rather than having to follow a strict plan of courses in only one field.

Varsity Sports: Women's Tennis, 5th seed singles

Most Interesting Class: My most interesting class this year has been sociology with Professor Bob Reilly. He challenges his students to think about society in a way that they otherwise wouldn't. This class has been a struggle, but with many hours of studying, the concepts have become much more understandable.

Favorite Faculty Member: Beth Bleil of the academic support services department has helped to make my transition to college as smooth as possible. She was the former tennis coach for Juniata and I took tennis lessons from her for a few years when I was little. It was nice to have a connection with someone who I could go to for questions or help with scheduling before arriving on campus.

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