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Mariya Petrova

Program of Emphasis: History

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

High School: Brooklyn Technical High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: For one thing, I'm from a large city, and a change of scenery to a safer sort of environment was appealing. My decision was sealed, however, upon receiving the scholarship because it's helped me so much. There were other schools I was looking at (such as Penn State and PhilaU) that didn't offer nearly as much financial aid. Also, such schools were very large and I was scared of getting swallowed up. On this campus, everyone knows each other and it's great for me because it establishes this feeling of a family that I think a lot of colleges try to emulate. I'm just very happy to be able to be here.

Clubs and Organizations: Muslim Club - Learning Arabic.

Most Interesting Class: European History to 1550 with Professor Belle Tuten. She's charismatic and makes history appealing to those who might not be particularly interested in the subject itself. I love history, and having a professor who's passionate about it made the class just that much more enjoyable.

Favorite Faculty Member: Alison Fletcher - For being a great advisor. She's helped me so much in terms of choosing schedules and follow-ups and helping me decide on which classes to take; things like that. Laura [SODEXO] - She works at the swipe-in station at Baker, and she always puts a smile on everyone's face because of her positivity. Rosalie Rodriguez - Gave me the honor of being a part of the PLEXUS program, which I'm grateful for because it helped introduce me to lots of new people with whom I could relate (urban backgrounds, immigrants, etc).

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