Thank You Letters

Katie McGlone

Program of Emphasis: Biology and Spanish/ Fine Arts

Hometown: Reisterstown, MD

High School: Franklin High

Why I chose to attend Juniata: Juniata has a very strong science program, and as a pre-medicine student, I found that critical. I also love the small, rural aspect of the school and the town that surrounds it. The people here are very welcoming and friendly and it is a safe place to be.

Clubs and Organizations: I am a member of the Spanish Club. I have no leadership role, but I have attended multiple events.

Varsity Sports: I am a catcher for the Juniata softball team.

Most Interesting Class: Although I am a pre-med/biology student, drawing is my passion. Therefore Intermediate Drawing is my favorite and most interesting class. We focus on the human figure and have worked with small dummies, sculptures, mannequins, and even live models. We work with a variety of media, exposing me to new materials and techniques that I never had the opportunity to utilize while in high school.

Favorite Faculty Member: My English professor has made me realize that writing and analyzing is not always terrible. I have hated English class my entire life, but my English professor in college does not have us write about literary novels. Instead, we have been analyzing and critiquing different aspects of pop culture, such as music, advertising, and film. I now enjoy English class, and have learned to appreciate it more.

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