Thank You Letters

Kevin Bonalle

Program of Emphasis: Business

Hometown: Lebanon, PA

High School: Cedar Crest High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose Juniata because of the environment of the campus, the superb academics, and the athletic program. Before visiting Juniata, I thought that I already had my mind made up on what school I was going. After visiting Juniata I knew that I had to reconsider my options. Juniata provided me with a small campus where I could know my professors both in and out of the classroom, and a place where I could be challenged academically while continuing my love of playing football.

Clubs and Organizations: Big Brothers Big Sisters - I have spent two weekends selling grilled cheese sandwiches to raise money for the club so that we can go on trips with the kids in the Huntingdon community.

Varsity Sports: Football - Kicker

Most Interesting Class: Financial Accounting - Throughout high school I had taken numerous business courses, none of which being an accounting course. I find the system of accounting interesting and have never realized how important it is for businesses to have strong accounting knowledge. Halfway through this fall semester, I am confident that I will declare accounting as my P.O.E.

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Dominick Peruso - Dr. Peruso is my Financial Accounting professor and has really made accounting fun for me. His classes are entertaining and informative. He talks to you as a person, rather than a student. He is one of the main reasons that I feel comfortable declaring accounting as my P.O.E.

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