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Fatema Juma

Program of Emphasis: International Politics

Hometown: Huntingdon, PA

High School: Hamad Town Girls' Secondary Sc

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I attended Juniata College in 2010/2011 as an exchange student and I liked the school. I had other options and was accepted at other school in the United States. However, due to the complexity of my status (i.e. asylum status) and the inability to obtain documents from my university back home due to my political opinion, Juniata was the only school that facilitated my application process since they already had my documents on file.

Clubs and Organizations: Muslim Student Association. I am a new member but I try to help out with their social activities. I also am developing a project for next semester that I hope to do with this club.

Most Interesting Class: My United States Foreign Policy is by far my most interesting and favorite class that I am taking this semester. I enjoy this class because I get to study the evolution of U.S. foreign policy and analyze its patterns in context within the historic period.

Favorite Faculty Member: Professor Anne Gilman in the Psychology department has made the most significant influence on me this year. She is a very conscious individual and is invested in seeing students achieve their career and personal goals. She plays a major role in motivating me to be the best I can possibly be for simply interacting with her and learning more about her work and career.

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