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Jeremy Maldonado

Program of Emphasis: Computer Science

Hometown: Ozone Park, NY

High School: Brooklyn School for Collaborat

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose Juniata College because I thought it would be able to challenge me in my mindset and help me be surrounded by open-minded students like myself. I wanted to expand my knowledge on various levels. What I believed is now coming true. I've been able to learn and be exposed to experiences that I would never have been able to have back in New York City. My goal to become a professional computer programmer seems to get closer everyday.

Clubs and Organizations: I am a part of the Christian Ministry Board, as a member; the Anime Club, as a member; and the Star Wars Club, as a member.

Most Interesting Class: The most interesting class I have taken so far has been Computer Science I due to the fact that it is my entire dream to become a computer programmer. I've been interested in software from a very young age and now I enjoy it even more when I learn about how the software and certain programs are created.

Favorite Faculty Member: The staff member that I believe has changed my life is Rylan Good since he was my admissions counselor and introduced me to Juniata College. I am glad that he worked so hard to get me here and give me opportunities to visit the campus when I was still deciding. It was the trip I had taken in November of 2012 that made me know that Juniata College was the right fit for me.

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