Thank You Letters

Kweku Parker

Program of Emphasis: Finance

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

High School: Central York High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose to come to Juniata because of the environment. Here, everyone from my football team to classmates are very friendly and supportive. I also think that the faculty does a great job with making a personal connection with students. Overall, the atmosphere here is very welcoming and heartwarming.

Clubs and Organizations: Big Brothers, Big Sisters- Helped play a role in the fundraising for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters company and mentored children in an entertaining environment.

Varsity Sports: Football- Defensive end

Most Interesting Class: What Is Religion' taught by Dr. Braxton is my most interesting class so far this year. The class has helped me gain a better understanding of many religions, while analyzing from a non-biased standpoint.

Favorite Faculty Member: W. David Wilkins made a tremendous impact on my life. He helped teach me how to personalize my writing, and not look at it as a task. My writing has now evolved to tell a story or convey a point, and not merely spout facts and research.

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