Thank You Letters

Kathryn Emery

Program of Emphasis: Wildlife Conservation

Hometown: Auburn, ME

High School: Saint Dominic Academy

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose to attend Juniata because it gave me an advantage academic and career wise that no other school could offer me.

Clubs and Organizations: I am an active member of the Equestrian club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and intramural soccer.

Internship: I am currently working for the Big Brothers Big Sisters for a service project. I work with the kids at activities and help out at the office to organize events and work on ways to help show what they do.

Most Interesting Class: Environmental Systems I is the most interesting class I have taken in my first semester at college. I find it interesting because I have never taken a class with this topic before.

Favorite Faculty Member: My CWS teacher, Amanda Page, has really helped me this year with my writing ability.

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