Thank You Letters

Brian Wiley

Program of Emphasis: Education/Psych/Soc.

Hometown: Doylestown, PA

High School: Crefeld School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose Juniata because of the small campus size and the student to teacher ratio. There is a strong sense of community here. I have no problem going to me teachers if I need help with anything.

Clubs and Organizations: I am a member of Colleges Against Cancer, and I also work with Relay for Life.

Internship: I am the student leader of the Huntingdon Community Center after school program. I also am a CWS Lab Leader, and this past summer I was an Inbound Peer Leader.

Travels Abroad: At the end of this upcoming spring semester I will be studying abroad in Ireland for a few weeks.

Most Interesting Class: All of my classes are interesting. But if I had to choose a favorite, it would have to be The Art of Public Speaking. I do not mind speaking in front of crowds, but I think the class has helped me to perfect my skills.

Favorite Faculty Member: My advisor Sarah DeHaas has made an impact in my life. I recently switched to her as my advisor. Before that I was kind of lost as to what I wanted to do with my future, in regards to what classes to take and where I should look for graduate school. Professor DeHaas helped me to come up with a schedule and plan of action that best fits my needs. I really appreciate having her in my life.

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