Thank You Letters

Megan Watkins

Program of Emphasis: Exploratory/Undecided

Hometown: Three Springs, PA

High School: Southern Huntingdon School District

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose Juniata College because everything about it drew me in, from the smaller campus size to its outstanding reputation, the smaller and more intimate class sizes, the community, the professors and other helpful faculty members, to its alumni. The amazing community of Juniata expends well beyond the campus, and I have experienced the extended network first-hand through my scholarship.

Clubs and Organizations: *Habitat for Humanity: Ushered for performances at Halbritter Auditorium to raise awareness for Habitat for Humanity's mission. *Big Brothers Big Sisters: Helped to raise money so that participants could go on exciting and fun trips with the littles.

Most Interesting Class: Since I am currently exploratory, I was able to take only the courses I found interesting in the hopes that I would find my passion.

Favorite Faculty Member: Of the professors I have met, my Organic Chemistry professor, Dr. Unger, has made the biggest difference in my life. He has helped me countless times by answering any questions that I have regarding the material we are covering in class. He is always willing to support me and the other students academically outside of his office hours. He is also my general advisor and has recently helped me to select the classes I will be taking next semester, something I do not know if I could have decided on by myself.

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