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Jillian Murphy

Program of Emphasis: Peace and Conflict Studies

Hometown: Chester, VT

High School: The Compass School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: Primarily, I chose Juniata for the engaging and rigorous classes within the social sciences. However, within hours of my first visit to campus, I noted the strong sense of community that exists here. Since then I've been seamlessly accepted into the close-knit community and feel like I have a strong support network ensuring my success at Juniata.

Most Interesting Class: I've really enjoyed the introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies course because it combines many of my interests, such as history, communication and psychology. I've also enjoyed Communication Practicum, a required course for those who live on the World Floor, that focuses on multiculturalism and cross-cultural communication. It has been incredible to hear first hand stories surrounding customs and culture from my peers, many of whom are international students.

Favorite Faculty Member: While all the professors here are phenomenal, I would have to say that Dr. Grace Fala, who teaches the Communication Practicum course, has made a large impact on my life. By taking this course I have gained many skills in cross-cultural communication--something that is very useful for my living situation, future career, and life outside of college where I will often interact with people whose backgrounds and beliefs differ from my own.

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