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Casey Branstetter

Program of Emphasis: Exploratory

Hometown: Tyrone, PA

High School: Tyrone Area Senior HS

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose to attend Juniata College because I love the welcoming and positive atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly, and it is a small campus, so it's easy to make many relationships with other students, faculty, and staff.

Most Interesting Class: The most interesting class I have taken this year is Intro to Human Communications, taught by Dr. Lynn Cockett. I love this class because Dr. Cockett does an excellent job explaining the material. The class is interesting to me because we study the way and reasons why humans communicate the way that they do.

Favorite Faculty Member: Out of all the faculty and staff that I have gotten to know so far, I would say that my CWS teacher, Professor Andrew Dudash, has made the biggest impact on my life here at Juniata College. Professor Dudash is a friendly, personable, smart man, who challenges me to think outside the box. Although I find myself to be a weak writer, he encourages me to dig deeper into my research and never settle for average.

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