Thank You Letters

Luke Stake

Program of Emphasis: Environmental Studies

Hometown: Blair Mills, PA

High School: S. Huntingdon School District

Why I chose to attend Juniata: For the Environmental Department, cost of attendance, and close proximity to home.

Clubs and Organizations: Wild Hunters of the Juniata- lead some activities/drive van Disc Golf Club- Join in games of disc golf

Research Participation: Deer Population Density around the Raystown Field Station Another student and I drove a van on transects around the Raystown Field Station throughout the semester to make a survey to determine the deer density population around the Raystown Field Station.

Most Interesting Class: Sense of Place- I have learned many things about the history of Raystown and the surrounding area.

Favorite Faculty Member: Chris Bombgardner- Chris is the Maintenance Supervisor at the Raystown Field Station. He has taught me some skills as I worked for him during the semester. He has been very kind and a wonderful boss. I really liked when he helped co-teach the Forestry class.

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