Thank You Letters

Zachary Nash

Program of Emphasis: Wildlife Conservation

Hometown: Lebanon, PA

High School: Lebanon Catholic Jr-Sr HS

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I have always loved animals. I knew I wanted to help them but all of the colleges I looked at didn't seem to offer an in-depth program for that. When I found Juniata, I was amazed the level they go to for wildlife programs. It is fantastic and I knew this was my choice.

Most Interesting Class: I really like my Conservation Biology class. It may be hard, but good college classes should be. I find it very interesting and the various topics on how to save different species and ecosystems is what I came here to learn.

Favorite Faculty Member: The whole environmental staff is fantastic. I've had or will have had most of them in my planned schedules for my years here and they are all great.

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