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Alexis Waksmunski

Program of Emphasis: Politics with a secondary emphasis in PACS

Hometown: Northern Cambria, PA

High School: Northern Cambria High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I wanted a small college that was going to give me personal attention and small class sizes. I also wanted to be challenged and be able to reach a new level of academic excellence through a fascinating curriculum. I was interested in the concept of the POE and I liked the flexibility that came with it. Being able to search around a little within the POE system appealed to me as I am sure it appealed to a lot of students because none of us are completely sure what we want to study. On my visits to Juniata I got the real sense that the professors and the administrators cared about their students and wanted to help them succeed.

Clubs and Organizations: I am a member of the JC Democrats along with the Communication and Media Club. I am the Vise President of the Communication and Media Club. I am also a trained peer mediator.

Internship: This past summer I interned at the Legislative Policy and Research Office at the Capitol in Harrisburg PA. As a part of my duties, I wrote resolutions, research memos, constituent letters, and spreadsheets. I also did some legislative research and tracking.

Travels Abroad: I participated in a short-term study abroad experience to Ireland and Northern Ireland at the end of last semester. It was a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the conflicts and how the people have tried to move on peacefully since then. Learning about the distant history and conflict with the British was also a highlight of the trip, particularly when we visited Derry.

Most Interesting Class: The most interesting class I have taken this semester is Philosophy of Law. This is my first law-focused class here at Juniata and I have found it very interesting and challenging. In the class we question the foundations of law and assess where it comes from and what gives it power. I think I have gained a deeper appreciation for the United States' legal system and am looking forward to taking more classes like this in the future.

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