Thank You Letters

Michael Melvin

Program of Emphasis: Digital Media Culture & Writing

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

High School: Charter HS for Arch. + Design

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose Juniata because of the welcoming community and the opportunity it offered me to succeed professionally.

Clubs and Organizations: Plexus (President) Strong Voices (Vice President) AWOL (Member) Mud Junkies (Member) BBBS (Member) Diversity committee (Student Representative) Bias Response Team(Student representative) Juniatian (Writer)

Most Interesting Class: I'm now taking a course called Media Violence. In this class, our focus is to analyse the various forms of violence that occur in media outlets. As a consumer, I've learned we must be very conscious of what we intake and prioritize as needs, because in many of our minds these needs are formed from advertisements. I am inspired by some of the work we have engaged in enough to look at graduate schools offering programs in media analysis.

Honors Received: The National Society of Leadership & Success

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