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Sarah Simeone

Program of Emphasis: Mathematics

Hometown: Gettysburg, PA

High School: Gettysburg Area Senior HS

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose to attend Juniata because it was relatively close to where my family lives and I thought the campus was pretty. Every year I have spent at Juniata has only confirmed that was the right place for me. I could not imagine having spent my four years of college anywhere else. I love the students, the faculty, and the overall atmosphere of the campus.

Clubs and Organizations: Juniata Dance Ensemble,

Varsity Sports: Juniata College Cheerleading

Most Interesting Class: The most interesting course I have taken would be Islam: Real and Imagined. It was a special topics course I took and I found it very interesting. As a math major, it was exciting to get to take something so different from what I usually take. It made me realize a lot of the misconceptions most people our age have about the religion of Islam.

Favorite Faculty Member: Professor Joie Escuadro is the faculty member who urged me to consider pursuing math as my major. Coming into Juniata being a math major wasn't even on my list of possibilities. After having Professor Escuadro for Calculus 1 in the spring of my freshman year, she suggested I make math my major. I eventually switched my major sophomore year to mathematics and I now wonder how I ever considered doing something else. Switching my major was the best decision I made at Juniata and I am incredibly glad that Professor Escuadro suggested it to me!

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