Thank You Letters

Jera'lyne Hyland

Program of Emphasis: Biology

Hometown: Laurel, DE

High School: Sussex Central Sr High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose to attend Juniata College because I perceived it to be a challenging, yet enjoyable, education environment.

Clubs and Organizations: Photography Club (Member) Spanish Club (Member) AWOL (Member) Plexus Mentor Fellowship (Mentee)

Most Interesting Class: Organic Chemistry Concepts 1 is the most interesting class that I have taken so far. Prior to attending Juniata College, I spoke with former classmates that are Biology majors as well, and they were not required to take Organic Chemistry at their university. Those that have been through an Organic Chemistry course told me that it was very difficult. In response, I came into the course with a positive attitude and an open mind. My hope is that I am able to be successful throughout the two consecutive semesters.

Favorite Faculty Member: Professor Peter Rothstein has made a difference in my life through encouraging me to allow myself to take courses that are not required for my POE. He took the time to talk with me about various options that would allow me to complete my POE as well as enjoy my four years here, at Juniata College.

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