Thank You Letters

Ankara Shepard

Program of Emphasis: Psychology/Pre-Med

Hometown: Broad Brook, CT

High School: East Windsor School District

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose Juniata College because it has every area of study that I am interested. The school's study abroad program caught my eye and the friendly atmosphere confirmed my decision to attend in addition to the academic support system. I knew if I came here, I would not fail.

Most Interesting Class: The most interesting class I have taken this year is Organic Chemistry. I was told that this course is the weeding out course, which means a lot of students drop/withdraw from the class and change their POE. Automatically, I was determined to pass this class. Surprisingly, I am doing well in this "weeding out course." I enjoy learning about the different reactions among elements.

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Hark, my Organic Chemistry Professor, has made a difference in my life so far. He is a very nice man and always willing to help me, even when my help is outside of the course he teaches. I remember I needed help choosing classes for next semester because the courses I wanted were full. He helped me choose some classes and even told me a required class I needed for my major, which my advisor left out. I really appreciate Dr. Hark and his sincerity. I can tell he really loves his job and cares about his students.

Honors Received: I have been inducted to the Eagles Ambassador Group.

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