Thank You Letters

Dana Spann

Program of Emphasis: Mass Media Communications

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

High School: Charter HS for Arch. + Design

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose to attend Juniata because I love the sense of community that you receive while being on campus. I enjoy having the small class sizes and appreciate that Juniata really cares about my needs and concerns.

Clubs and Organizations: African American Students Alliance, Dance Ensemble

Varsity Sports: Cheerleading

Most Interesting Class: The most Interesting class I have taken this year is career planning. This class was interesting to me because it helped me to see what career I want to pursue within my P.O.E.

Favorite Faculty Member: Lynn Cockett. She has been very helpful to me and has been almost like a mom away from home. She is very honest and open with her students and is very interested in the ideas and thoughts of her students.

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