Thank You Letters

Haley Chandler-Reed

Program of Emphasis: Anthropology and Photography

Hometown: Easthampton, MA

High School: Northampton High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I chose Juniata College because of the welcoming community centered around academic excellence and global involvement.

Clubs and Organizations: I'm a member of the Women's rugby club.

Internship: I'm a supportive counselor with the Huntingdon House for Battered Women and Children. I counsel clients and help them engage in group settings as well as providing assistance and support to clients who wish to pursue academic and career goals.

Most Interesting Class: This year I took World Religions. As an Anthropology POE, I'm always interested in hearing about culture and global diversity. It was interesting to learn about the various ways in which religion is practiced and to see how the similarities and differences in global cultures shape the beliefs of people around the world.

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Judy Katz has really empowered me and encouraged me to develop my skills as a writer.

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