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Justin Fleming

Program of Emphasis: Biology

Hometown: Richmond, VA

High School: Benedictine High School

Why I chose to attend Juniata: I made the decision to attend Juniata College because I knew it would provide me with every opportunity I was looking for at the undergraduate level. This includes the exceptional biology program, the basketball program, the friendly environment, and the fact that it was financially affordable. Additionally, I knew that Juniata is a great outlet for students working towards entering a graduate program right out of college, which is something I plan on accomplishing.

Varsity Sports: I am currently a member of the men's basketball program at Juniata and I am a point guard. Basketball has always been my passion growing up and the fact that I have the opportunity to play it at the collegiate level is remarkable and I truly appreciate it every day.

Most Interesting Class: The most interesting class I have taken in my carrer at Juniata is definitely this science fiction course I took my freshman year. I found it interesting because the professor graded us on not only our participation in class, but also our ability to critically and philisophically think. I really enjoyed the fact that it was a humanities-based class because I generally do well writing papers.

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Hark, a chemistry professor, has definitely made a difference in my life in terms of studying, work ethic, and problem solving. My study habits were never a problem, but I quickly learned my first semester that it's not about the amount of time spent studying, it's the efficiency of the studying that gives back positive results. I struggled in Dr. Hark's class my first semester, but I was persistent and eventually learned through his lectures the importance of studying with a purpose and constantly practicing rather than attempting to memorize everything. This skill I learned ultimately helped me the rest of my freshman year and it is something I continue to use.

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