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As a member of the Annapolis Group, Juniata College proudly shares its stories with Liberal Arts Success, a unique site promoting the value of a liberal arts education.

About Our Students

General Statistics

  • Number of Students: 1,626
  • Financial Aid: 100% of all freshman judged to have financial need received it.
  • Internships: 80% of recent classes have had one or more internships. Strategic Plan Link
  • Volunteerism: 60% of our students participate in volunteer work.
  • Graduation Rate: 96% of students who graduate do so in four years. Strategic Plan Link
  • Study Abroad: 48% of graduates have had an international experience. Strategic Plan Link
  • Majors: 29% of students design their own Program of Emphasis.

Student Characteristics

  • 55% Women
  • 96% Full-time
  • 9% International
  • 10% Domestic minority

Geographic Origin

  • Countries 43
  • States 40

Non-White Ethnic Breakdown

Non-White Students Strategic Plan Link

Religious Preferences

Common POEs (Majors) for Last Year's Graduates

  • Biology / Pre-Health
  • Accounting, Business, and Economics
  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science

Athletics Strategic Plan Link

  • 21 Academic All-Americans
  • 120 All-Americans
  • Eight Division III National Championships
  • 9 NCAA Post-Grad Scholars