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2014-2015 Committees

JAB committees consist of one or two chairs and general members! To get involved at any level, please contact Elias (Eli) Murphy, Vice President of Membership and Marketing, or the chair of the committee you would like to volunteer with! We are always looking for new leadership! Come join our team!

FNL/Up & Out

The Friday Night Live (FNL) committee members book comedians and other entertainment for Friday evenings on campus. Committee members get to choose which acts to bring to campus, coordinate their visit, market the event, and enjoy the show.  For the 2013-2014 school year, FNL will be partnered with Up & Out - a new committee which was formed during spring 2011.  Up & Out will partner with the Office of Student Activities and other RSOs to take late night activities on campus up a notch! From 10 pm - 1 am, we plan tons of activities with other RSOs to keep you highly entertained!
Co-chair: Desnor Chigumba

Desnor Chigumba
Desnor Chigumba FNL
Why I like JAB:  I love JAB because they usually have free food at events.  I love food!

Favorite Tradition:  My favorite tradition is Madrigal because everyone makes an effort to look really good and Sodexo food is at its best.  It is a night of elegance.

POE:  Chemical Physics

Grad Year:  2016

Why I love Juniata:  I love Juniata because they make an effort to cater to me in whatever I need - different cultures and a well-rounded curriculum.


Mountain Day

Preparing for all aspects of Mountain Day, including planning, production, hospitality, and keeping the day a secret from the rest of campus!
Co-Chairs: Kate Moyer and Ryan Shelton

Kate Moyer

Why I like JAB:  This is my first year in JAB, but I like how all of the events JAB is involved in are college traditions that the student body looks forward to each year.

Favorite Tradition:  I have two favorite traditions, Mountain Day and Tenting.  Mountain Day because of the anticipation leading up to the day, guessing when it is, and waht new games will be there this year.  Tenting is my other favorite Juniata tradition because it is just a week of fun and camping with friends.

POE: Environmental Science with a minor in Art

Grad Year:  2016

Why I love Juniata:  Juniata offers small classes where you can really get to know professors and other studetns.  Also, I love how Juniata has become a home away from home for me.

Ryan Shelton
Ryan Shelton Mountain Day

Why I like JAB:  JAB is a committee made by the students, for the studetns.  The Juniata Activities Board enriches the college experience for studetns and embraces the ulitmate atmosphere of community at Juniata College.

Favorite Tradition:  My favorite tradition is Mountain Day because of the history and element of surprise.  Being Juniata's oldest tradition, it rewards students with an unknown day of cancelled classes and outdoor fun at Lake Raystown.

POE:  Accounting

Graduation Year:  2016

Why I love Juniata:  Juniata is a hidden gem. The small size of the college promotes a surreal sense of community, creating a home away from home.  Liberal art institutions, such as Juniata College, approach education by promoting a broader curriculum that serves to generate well-rounded individuals who are free to think.  As a Student-Athlete, I cherish the relationships that I have made on and off the court with professors, coaches, and especially, my teammates.



Winter dinner & dance for the school, where the faculty serve the students! Committee responsibilities include planning and production of the dinner, the dance, and the tenting which occurs the week before tickets go on sale.
Co-Chairs: Kiah Mahy and Stephanie Farfan

Kiah Mahy

Why I like JAB:  I don't like JAB...I love it!  It was the first thing I got involved with at Juniata and provides so many opportunities to be involved within the community.

Favorite Tradition:  It would have to be Madrigal because I get to plan it!

POE:  Education/Literature

Grad Year:  2015

Why I love Juniata:  I love Juniata because of the community.  It creates such an amazing atmospher to be apart of.

Stephanie Farfan
Stephanie Farfan Madrigal
Why I like JAB:  I like JAB because JAB does amazing things for Juniata.  JAB works hard to keep our traditions alive.

Favorite Tradition:  My favorite tradition is Madrigal because it's the first tradition I took part in with all my friends.

POE: Peace and Conflict

Grad Year:  2015

Why I love Juniata:  I love Juniata because of the amazing atmosphere.

Major Event

Handles all aspects of JAB's major event including production, marketing, hospitality, security, and ticket sales.  Major Event will now be held every other year with the next event taking place in spring 2016.
Co-chairs: N/A


A festival with bands, food, games, mud volleyball, and other activities. This committee works on the planning, production, marketing, and hospitality for the event.
Co-Chairs: Katelyn Sten

Katelyn Sten

Why I like JAB:  I like JAB because JAB members work really hard to plan fun events for the college students to do instead of just hanging out in a dorm.  JAB offters a lot of fun events and helps keep the college campus active socially.

Favorite Tradition:  My favorite tradition is Mountain Day.  I think it is awesome when you hear those horns early in the morning and then you know you can go back to sleep afterwards.  Then later you get up to go have a good time at the lake.  I always like the boating!

POE:  Psychology

Grad Year:  2015

Why I love Juniata:  I love Juniata because it is a small friendly campus and it has a beautiful atmosphere.


May Day

Awards brunch for students, staff, and faculty. Committee members coordinate and execute the breakfast and the awards.
Chair: Erika Young and Yu (Joy) Zhong

Erika Young
Erika Young May Day
Why I like JAB:  I like JAB because you can truly see yourself progress.  You can choose how active you want to be and how far you want to go.

Favorite Tradition:  Madrigal. There's nothing better than dinner and a dance.  It is like a college version of Formal.  I love it!

POE:  Writing and Literature Studies

Grad Year:  2015

Why I love JC:  I love JC because of the sense of community and the small classes!

Yu (Joy) Zhong)
Yu Joy Zhong May Day
Why I like JAB:  I like JC traditions and get more involved in those amazing events because of JAB.

Favorite Tradition:  Mountain Day is my favorite!  It's a secret, so you will not be told until early morning of that day. Let's guess this year's date!

POE: Environmental Studies

Grad Year:  2016

Why I love Juniata:  Warm and friendly Juniatians are my family. Small and exquisite JC is my second home! :)