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JAB offers leadership opportunities for students at all levels of student engagement. From planning and executing programs to financial management and developing visions. JAB will help you improve your interpersonal, programming, negotiation, time management, customer service, and creativity skills. Your JAB experience will complement both your academic and Juniata experience. Make friends and memories through joining JAB!

The following students are on JAB's Executive Committee. If you have any questions concerning JAB or JAB events, please contact the students listed below or send an email to jab@juniata.edu.

President: Elizabeth (Liz) Faust
Elizabeth Faust JAB President
Why I like JAB:  You know that feeling that you get when you do something for someone without them asking but you know they are going to love it?!  You know what I am talking about.  That little feeling of throwing a surprise party for your best friend or family member.  Seeing their face at that moment, the warmth you feel inside your chest, that is why I love JAB.  I get to bring little bits of happiness and joy to people who I know and even to people I don't know.  That is what JAB is about, bringing us together through entertrainment and fun.

Favorite Tradition:  I love Madrigal because for one night, you get to dress up and interact with the professors outside of the classroom area.  It is a night of good food, great friends, and who can forget vying for the five golden rings table.

POE:  Art History/Museum Studies/General History, minoring in French

Grady Year:  2015

Why I love Juniata:  Juniata is an interesting place where all walks of life can encounter each other every day.  From different cultures to differing ideologies, Juniata is a place where one can virtually explore parts of the world unknown to su by simply interacting with other studetns.  Even though it is located in Huntingdon, the Juniata community is so vast and far in its reach, you are never really confined to a small town, but rather only your mind limits where you can go.

Vice President of Membership and Marketing: Elias (Eli) Murphy
Eli Murphy JAB VP
Why I like JAB:  I like JAB because it gives me a chance to create a fun and enteraining experience for the students on the Juniata campus.

Favorite Tradition:  My favorite tradition is Mountain Day because of the suspense and excitement for all of the studetns in the weeks before it.

POE: Peace Psychology

Grad Year:  2015

Why I love Juniata:  I love Juniata because it offers so many different opportunities above and beyond just academics that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Vice President of Finance and Administration: Christine Sumner
Christine Sumner JAB Vice President

Why I like JAB:  I enjoy the opportunity to have a hand in planning the awesome traditions at Juniata College and it allows me to get to know even more of the student body.

Favorite Tradition:  Madrigal

POE:  Health Administration

Grad Year:  2015

Why I love JC:  I love JC because of the tight knit community and the ability to get involved with many different activities.

JAB students build their skills through working with Juniata community members and outside agents and vendors. The relationships with outside agents are built through attending NACA and APCA regional and national conferences. JAB members have the opportunity to attend regional and/or national conferences for programming and leadership.