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Juniata Clubs

Submit shots that showcase Juniata Clubs. Here are two examples:

Juniata College Photo Contest

Juniata's student photo contest invites Juniata students to submit shots based on a topic that changes each semester (summer, fall, spring)-with the only caveat that it's an open forum and anyone can have a look. The topics, such as internships, athletic events, traditions, etc., will be selected by Juniata staff and posted on the College website. A winner is picked twice a semester. At the end of the spring semester, a winner for the year is chosen.

What do I win?

If your photo is selected as a semester winner, $100 cash!
Then, at the end of the 2012-13 academic year, a panel of judges will select one photo from the pool of semester winners for that year. The winner will receive their Fall 2013 book order, up to $400, from the Juniata College Book Store. (If the winner is a senior who will graduate in the spring of 2013, he/she will receive an Amazon gift certificate for $400.)

How do I submit a photo?

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