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       Student Government Class of 2017 Officers

Sierra Mellish, President
Communication and Business
Why did you run for a class officer position? I am honored to hold the position and represent the Freshman Class as President. I am very passionate about leading our class in the right direction toward unity and involvement on our campus. I love Juniata and desire to do my best in both creating and taking every opportunity that will allow the freshmen class to have an enjoyable, successful, and fulfilling experience over the next 4 years.

Alexandria Simon, Vice President

Why did you run for a class officer position?

Madeline Bennetti, Secretary
POE: Psychology
What do you love about Juniata College? I am involved in Psychology Club and concert choir on campus.  I love Juniata College because the faculty here get to know every student and genuinely care about our success.  I'm pleased to be a freshman class officer, and I look forward to learning and growing in my next four years at Juniata.

Bradley (Brad) Murphy, Treasurer
Why did you run for a class officer position? I have always enjoyed helping out with school events and being a part of the process that goes on behind the scenes. Basically, I love the planning process and creating process. It is a great feeling to look at the final product whether it be a fundraiser or a school event and know that you had a part in the creation of the project. It's always cool to see your idea come to life! Also, the title Treasure of the Freshman Class has some merit to it and is something I can be proud of.