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      Student Government Executive Board Officers

Anshu Chawla, President
POE: Business Management
Class: 2014
Why I love Juniata College?  I love Juniata because of it's small class sizes, engagin professors, and bountiful developmental opportunities.

Matthew Guetzlaff, Vice President
POE: Biology
Class: 2015
Why I love Juniata? I love Juniata because of the sense of community I feel on campus that you can't find at other schools.

Secretary, TBD

Diane Nguyen, Treasurer
Literature and Society
Class: 2014
Why I love Juniata? I love Juniata because of the small community feel. Iv'e been able to make great close friends and have gotten to know my teachers very well. I have many good memories at Juniata because of the wonderful people here.

Colin Brislaw, Officer of Technoloyg
Biology and Informatics
Class: 2014
Why did I chose to be a part of student governent?  I ran with the support of my friends and has enjoyed meeting other students and administrators on campus through my role with the Exec Board. I look forward to supporting the student body during my first term. Outside of senate, I am a researcher with the Lamendella Lab and a web designer with the marketing department.