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Student Government Officers 2013 - 2014

Student Government is made up of an Executive Board, Class Officers, and Representatives of different intrest groups of Juniata students. All together we form the Senate that represents the Juniata student in campus affairs. Last year we were asked by the Administration for input in the off campus housing issue as well as input for the arming the JC police. This year we will be purchasing a monitor that will be placed on the wall going into Baker. This monitor will display upcoming events of Student Government as well as JAB events.

President: Anshu Chawla
Vice President: Matthew Guetzlaff
Secretary: Thomas Tuyen
Treasurer: Diane Nguyen
Officer of Technology: Colin Brislawn

President: Daniel Gray
Vice President: Mitchell Dunklebarger
Secretary: Andrew Maul
Treasurer: Kevin Snyder

President: Christine Sumner
Vice President: Robby Higgins
Secretary: Aidan Connor
Treasurer: Thomas Hanna

President: Kunal Atit
Vice President: Jecenia Duran
Secretary: Shalen Perehinec
Treasurer: Robert Link

President: Sierra Mellish
Vice President: Alexandra Simon
Secretary: Madeline Bennetti
Treasurer: Brad Murphy