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Baldridge Reading & Study Strategy Program

This program is available to students early in the Fall semester. Please review the program brochure and access the registration form to register for the program.

Baldridge Program Brochure 2017
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Academic Advisors

Students are assigned a primary advisor in their Program of Emphasis (POE) and then choose a second general advisor in another discipline to provide a different perspective. Advisors help students choose classes, design POEs, suggest internship and study-abroad possibilities, and offer career advice. Over the course of a Juniata career, a student and his or her advisors will have, hopefully, developed a relationship founded on support, encouragement, and friendship.

Writing Center

Staffed by trained peer writing tutors, students can get assistance on everything from the organization of lab reports to draft rewrites for the College Writing Seminar portfolio. Faculty from all disciplines often recommend work be brought to the Writing Center for refinement because writing proficiency is a foundation of the College's curriculum. Phone: 814-641-3457

Student Life/Dean of Students

Student Life staff members assist students in their personal and social adjustment and development, making referrals when appropriate. The Dean of Students office has a special interest in first-year students, their transition and retention, and staff will work to address a student's particular needs. Phone: 814-641-3150

Counseling Center

The connection between academic difficulty and personal difficulties is well documented. The Counseling Center offers personal, confidential counseling, as well as assistance with stress and anxiety management, effective confrontation skills, and other issues that relate to the college experience. Phone: 814-641-3353

Career Development

Part of the QUEST team, Career Development professionals assist students throughout their time at Juniata in career exploration, planning, and placement, as well as helping students coordinate internships and other field experience. QUEST Career Development is a source of essential advice when POEs change or when success in an unexpected academic area suggests new career thinking and direction. Phone: 814-641-3350