Supported admit students are admitted to Juniata with the belief that they have the potential to succeed in college but would benefit from extra mentoring and assistance from faculty and staff.

The program for supported admit students includes regularly scheduled, required appointments (at least five such meetings) throughout the semester with the Director of Academic Support Services and the Assistant Dean of Students to monitor and assess progress in each class, discuss issues related to transitioning into college, discuss how to prepare for and take tests, give pre-registration advice, assist with selection of a second adviser, and many other topics appropriate to the individual circumstances of each student.

Supported admit freshmen also benefit from resources offered through or coordinated by the Office of Academic Support Services, including use of the Writing Center, how to best utilize the faculty and faculty advisers, when referral to the counseling center is appropriate, how to build an academic schedule and design a Program of Emphasis, how to go about exploring possible careers, etc. There is a broad network of support and advisers available to all students.

For a supported admit student, a specially designated Freshman Advisor is the student’s College Writing Seminar instructor or a professor who has that student in a POE class during the first semester. Freshman Advisors work closely with students to monitor their academic performance and address individual needs.

While receiving the additional support described herein, supported admit students carry a typical course load of 12-16 credits during the first semester and are in no way distinguishable from their peers in the classroom. Upon completion of one semester in good academic standing, the student is no longer considered a supported admit.